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15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit, international filmmaking contest which celebrity judges rank Top 20, share their personal Top 5 picks, and award films in a variety of categories TBA! Season 2's call for entries closed Oct 24, 2016. THANK YOU to everyone who made this season's turn-out the biggest one yet! Add our  FilmFreeway  to your watch list to be notified when the next call for entries is! Tune into  Facebook  for all of the festivities and results!
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Season 2 (2016)
Season 1 (2015)
450 entries, hundreds of filmmakers,  three dozen judges, a Top 20 will be crowned this December!
200 entries, 145 directors, a dozen judges, Top 10 crowned!

Watch Season 2 (feature-length)

450 entries, hundreds of filmmakers worldwide, three dozen celebrity judges, here is Season 2! Thank you to EVERYONE who made this festival the biggest turn-out yet! The judges' votes are currently processing through November 2016. Results will release in early December.


- "Dinner for 2" is "The Dinner Date" directed by Jo Rogers
- "Flicker" is directed by Maria Coulter
- "Nothing To Be Afraid Of" directed by Allan Saylor & Chris Steinert
- "Seventh Sin" directed both Chinmoy Barma & Hriday Pratim Barman
- "Less Noise" directed only by Elisa Kamke
- "The Hairdresser" is directed by Nea Kekkonen

Season 2's Redux

The following are Season 2 entries which by the cosmos were not included in the feature-length video either due to I forgot to include it, I received the file too close to the premiere, or the file was incompatible to be exported with the others despite attempts to re-convert the file type.

Here are those beloved entries!

People REACT to Season 2!

If you're in the entertainment industry, run a business, or just want to be out there, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is always looking for people to REACT to Season 2 entries.

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