Can you scare us in 15 seconds?
15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit, international filmmaking contest which celebrity judges rank Top 20, share their personal Top 5 picks, and award films in a variety of categories TBA! Season 2's call for entries closed Oct 24, 2016. THANK YOU to everyone who made this season's turn-out the biggest one yet! Add our  FilmFreeway  to your watch list to be notified when the next call for entries is! Tune into  Facebook  for all of the festivities and results!
How to Enter
Rules & Terms
Answers to frequently asked questions, what's required to enter, your rights, and common reasons films are not accepted and/or disqualified.
Add FilmFreeway to your watch list for the next
call for entries!

Watch Season 2 (feature-length)

450 entries, hundreds of filmmakers worldwide, three dozen celebrity judges, here is Season 2! Thank you to EVERYONE for the enthusiastic turn-out!

Season 3 (2017)

Call for entries is Sept. 1st to Oct 15th 2017. Please refer to the Rules & Terms which will answer frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions, email me.  

Also: in order to solidify your film to be programmed into the Season, I require the video file ASAP. If you are submitting the film the night of Oct 15th 2017, I require the file within 48 hours following the deadline because I will be finalizing the Season 3 premiere.

Judges will be announced closer to Season 3's call for entries.

Script to Scream Film Festival

Through 15 Second Horror Film Challenge's partnership with Script to Scream Film Festival , Season 3 will showcase FIVE ENTRIES from Script to Scream Film Festival. 

Script to Scream's call for entries is April 1st to August 1st 2017. The digital festival is packed with perks including eligibility for awards, one-line reviews and its Script to Scream Screenplay contest where one script will be developed into a short film and showcased in Season 3's Halloween premiere.

Follow Script to Scream on Facebook for all updates!

People REACT to Season 2!

If you're in the entertainment industry, run a business, or just want to be out there, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is always looking for people to REACT to Season 2 entries.

Email  if you are interested!